Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Ireland have been undergoing a bit of a change of late.  Good news is there are a lot more opportunities now.  Our youth Information team in Crosscare have put together a rough guide to introduce you to the basics, but the important thing to know is that you can contact us if you have any specific questions that we can help you with.

Feel free to download and share our Guide to Apprenticeships


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is the term used to describe a period of training where you learn mostly on the job, mixing blocks of college work with full time employment. As an apprentice you will earn as you learn.  You will be paid for your work and you will gain internationally recognised qualifications.



A pre-apprenticeship course is for young people who want to do an apprenticeship but don’t have the minimum entry requirements.

These courses have both hands-on and classroom based modules, and aim to develop skills, knowledge and expertise to gaining an apprenticeship in a range of trades or industries.  For information you can contact us or SOLAS.

Craft Apprenticeships

Craft Apprenticeships are coordinated by SOLAS.

Entry requirements:

There are different entry requirements depending on the sector and job.

  • Be at least 16.
  • Have a minimum of five D grades in the Junior Cert or equivalent (QQI level 3/4).
  • In reality, however, many employers would prefer to take on those with a Leaving Cert or equivalent.

If you can’t meet these criteria, you can still become an apprentice if you:

  • Complete an approved pre-apprenticeship training course.
  • Are over 16 and have worked for at least three years in a relevant industry that SOLAS approves and have competed a successful assessment interview.

Female Bursary

To promote the entry of women into the designated apprenticeships, SOLAS/ETBs offer a bursary as an incentive to employers  to encourage them to recruit more women.  More information can be found on the old FAS website


Occupational Apprenticeships:

There are new apprenticeships available in areas such as;


NFQ level 5 to 9 is offered through the individual industries.  There are different entry criteria depending on the sector and job.  The most common way is through the Leaving Cert, however there are also other ways to meet the criteria.  Individual Sectors have different application dates and methods.

Where to find apprenticeships:

To help find employers Careers Portal have a great list of where to find potential employers here.  Also keep an eye on their ‘news’ section which details current opportunities some of which are apprenticeships.  They also have a lot of information about existing apprenticeships including training and entry requirements.
You can also contact the relevant professional bodies such as the Accounting Technicians of Ireland, Insurance Practitioners of Ireland etc.  A quick tip would be to join their mailing list, keep and eye out for recruitment drives and talk to potential employers.
Call into your local to SOLAS and make an appointment to talk to someone about apprenticeships. Check with SOLAS for details of employers that are looking for an apprentice.   Also their website gives advice on how to find apprenticeships etc.
If you are interested in Construction you can register your interest and create an account with also see their vacancy page for current opportunities.

You can also check out vacancies online with Jobs Ireland.

Quick tip – keep at it and be persistent!


For more information download and share our Guide to Apprenticeships


If you can’t find the information that you need about apprenticeships we are here to help you. You can find us in our office in Bray at St Bricin’s on the Herbert Rd, or in The Seomra Youth Centre. We are also in The Vault youth Centre each week, and can be contacted through the youth workers in Newtownmountkennedy and Kilcoole.

Our phone number is 01 2050502, or you can email  You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter



The Great Wicklow Youth Survey

comhairle logo

Comhairle na nÓg in County Wicklow are attempting to find out what are the big issues for young people around the county. To do this they have launched an online survey which they hope will provide a body of information that can be used to influence decision makers around the county.

Here is the link if you’d like to share it.

Why should I fill it out?

Young people make up a very large proportion of the population in Wicklow and nationally, and together they represent a powerful voice. If a large enough number of young people complete the survey, then it becomes a mandate for for the Comhairle, youth organisations and most importantly young people themselves, to approach key decision makers such as politicians (locally and nationally), council officials, and lobby for change based on the outcomes of the survey.

If 1000 young people respond saying that mental health is a major issue for them, then perhaps the HSE needs to look at what is happening in Wicklow to address that issue. If they all flag up cyberbullying as being a problem, then Comhairle can begin to work with schools to look at ways to support young people experiencing cyberbullying. If people say what part of the county they are from, then it may become obvious if there is an issue specific to a particular town.

Comhairle reckon it will take about 6 minutes to complete. Of course if you have a lot you want to get off your chest it may take longer. We at YouthSpin think its well worth taking 5-10 minutes to add your voice and make this survey a useful resource to represent young people across the county.

That link again

Social inclusion soccer tournament and community day

Crosscare Youth Services, Bray are hosting a 5 a side soccer tournament on Saturday September 27th.

Teams are invited to register to play in 2 age categories – 13-15yrs and 16+. Registration must be done before Thurs 25th September.

The tournament will be held at The Wolfe Tone Youth Centre grounds, Vevay Rd, Bray with proceedings kicking off at 1.30pm. There will be lots of family activities to enjoy on the day too, so bring lots of support.

If you want to take part you need to contact Peter Hosey at Bray Youth Service office, or in The Seomra. He can be emailed at or telephone on 01 2050502

Soccer Flyer 1nf-page-001

If you would to download or print the flyer above, please use the following link Soccer Flyer