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Studying!! It’s such a pain in the bottom area

All that time going over the same stuff till your eyes fall out and hardly anything sticks in your brain. Of course now that Christmas has gone, Mocks are upon us, and  your Junior Cert/Leaving Cert or end of year exams are inching closer, the pressure to study more and more is probably being piled on in school and at home.

 So now is the time to develop some good study habits so that you can still have a life, and reduce the amount of stress you are going through as exam time gets closer.


Get organised! Think about where and when you are studying. Have a clutter free space. Tidy your room, maybe have folders to put your notes in – one for each subject.

Plan a timetable – Have a look at your full week, include school, meals and weekends. Each day add time to do your homework, allow time for breaks, pick which subjects you will spend time studying each daystudy tips how to study-page-001

Make a study plan each week – different to a timetable because you will look at what you are hoping to get done by the time you finish that week’s work. Set yourself goals or targets.  Don’t spend forever making plan after plan, just note down what you need to do for that week and break it down into smaller chunks that will get your to your target.

Regular breaks – While its important to put in the time, your time is used better doing 20-25 minute chunks and then having a short break.

Limit the distractions. Switch off the TV If you have if you get worked up and anxious without your phone and can’t switch it off, try leaving it in a different room, or you can download an app that blocks notifications for a set time while you study. Some people study better with music, some need total silence. If you have music, make it background music, not something intense that distracts you from work

distractionDiet and exercise – try to avoid sugary snacks and fizzy drinks. You’ll get a quick burst and then crash. Use your breaks to have a quick walk or to do some stretches.

Study with friends can be a great way to help each other. Not to compete or compare yourself to others, but it can useful to have others around whom you can ask questions



Studying can be difficult and boring, but it is an important part of getting the best grades you can from your exams. The tips above are quite general but should help most people to find a study routine and environment that will help. For more detailed support have a look at our attachments


You can download our Study Tips Posters using the links below

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