Europe for young people – ‘ Time to Move’ 2015

Ever had a fleeting daydream of travellng to Holland, France or maybe moving through the continent along the route of the Danube on an Inter-rail pass? Ever wondered about working for a year in Italy to learn the language and immerse yourself in their culture? Ever thought about studying in a German University , or placing yourself at the centre of the political or business world in the EU?

Ever wondered, but never thought too seriously because it seemed a bit unrealistic and a bit of a dream? Well maybe now is the time to ask some questions and wonder no more as there is actually a lot of help and support available to help young people pursue any or all of those dreams.

time to move logo

There is support right through the year at any of the many Eurodesk offices around the country. But if you would like information this week, then we have the perfect event for you. Time to Move is a 2 week event happening at the moment. It began on 21 Sept and will continue until 04 October.

At its centre is a Eurodesk event being held on September 25th in the Carmelite Community Centre in Dublin. The event will be a chance to find out about volunteer opportunities. There will be a chance to meet and speak with young people who have participated in European Voluntary Services (EVS). There will also be plenty of staff from Youth Information Centres, Eurodesk and Europe Direct information Centres and Spunout the youth information website to answer questions you might have.


If you can’t make the event on the 25th, there are different competitions happening in conjunction ‘Time To Move’ which you can find out about on their website

For the rest of the year Eurodesk doesn’t go away and is available for any queries right through the year. 2015 is Eurodesk’s 25th Anniversary and their 20th year in Ireland. Crosscare’s information team in Wicklow, Dun Laoghaire and Clondalkin are all part of the Eurodesk family and happy to help with any questions about travelling to Europe, whether that is for leisure, to work or to study.


If volunteering is your thing, Crosscare will also be launching their ‘Rough Guide to EVS’ very soon too, which we will be sharing here, so watch this space.

Europe has a lot to offer Irish young people but not many people know how best to access those opportunities. Maybe now is the, ‘Time to Move?’ and time to change those dreams of traveling into reality.


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